5 reasons to buy new!

Are you tired of spending your weekends at open homes, finding nice enough homes in older, established areas that could almost work for you but there’s something just not quite right? When you buy new you get to start with a blank canvas.

Here’s our top 5 reasons to buy and build new!

Get exactly what you want

With countless builders to choose from you are bound to find the perfect floor plan to suit you. From colours to appliances and furnishings it’s all up to you!

No surprises

With an existing home you often don’t know what surprise costs could be waiting around the corner or hidden under the floorboards. When building new and signing a contract with a builder you know exactly what you are getting, everything is new and covered by warranties. You’ll also only pay a deposit upfront so you’ve got time to budget and save throughout the building process.

Lower maintenance 

Because everything is new there is a lot less ongoing maintenance and in general most homes are built to be more energy efficient compared to an existing home where you often inherit a lot of additional maintenance. Whereas with building new you can choose things like low maintenance plans and gardens right from the start.

Lower costs

Building new can help lower your ongoing costs. New homes are built to be more energy efficient, compared to older homes that can often be drafty or not designed well to keep cool, meaning more energy used for heating and cooling. You can lower this even further by adding solar panels which is often a much quicker and easier process on a new home.

Love where you live

new communities are designed to help you love where you live. Unlike existing homes where you may have to compromise on choosing the home you want or the location you can have the best of both when you buy and build new. Select the lot that suits you, from aspect and size to distance to local parks or amenities.

You’ll often find that you’ll be surrounded by like minded people choosing the community and location for the same reason as you. So why not explore Lake Albert Manors and see if it’s right for you!