Tips for choosing a builder

Choosing a builder and home design is a big part of buying land and building a new home. From big builders to smaller custom builders there’s a choice out there for everyone.

Not only do different builders offer different designs, floorplans and styles of home but the way in which they structure their costs and quotes can also be different. It is important to understand what is on offer, what’s included and what might be considered an added extra.

Here’s a few questions to think about when choosing a builder

Who are they?

  • Are they licenced? Whether they are big or small any builder you choose should be a licenced trade certified builder.
  • Are they well established and will they build in the area you are looking to buy land in?
  • Do they offer structural guarantees and home warranties?

Do the plans/designs suit your block?

  • Do they have a variety of designs to choose from?
  • Can you tweak these designs to suit your needs, such as the shape or slope of your block or to fit with design guidelines?
  • Does the home comply with energy rating requirements?

What services does the builder deliver?

  • Is there a clear step by step process for how the build will go?
  • Will there be someone along the way available to answer any questions you might have?
  • Do they have a display home or showroom you can visit?

Do you understand the quote?

  • What’s included and what’s considered an extra or add on?
  • What is the payment structure like? Deposit amount? Progress payments?
  • Is the price locked in for a set time or will it change?
  • How long will the build take?

In the end, no matter which builder you choose the most important thing is to make sure it’s someone you feel comfortable with and can trust.